About Me

“Has a proactive attitude with a great efficiency and was easy to work with”

These are just some of the words her clients have used to describe Natalie Pham. Natalie is an all rounder graphic designer from Sydney, Australia where she had completed her Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) degree from Western Sydney University. She proceeds to pursue her love for drawing and designing which has been displayed through her active involvement with a digital design agency, an online lifestyle publication company and an in-house design studio.

Natalie has had an obsession with reimagining her world ever since she held her first crayon. She remembered devising the most complex image that she could think of and started drawing about the things that she had imagined. Drawing and design has always been used, as a way to express herself and often, it would make her feel so alive. She always found herself in a happy place as a designer as she believed that design is all about making life a little bit more warm and fuzzy.

Aside from her love of illustrations, she also loves to create subtle and minimal design work as it allows her to create a more delightful and richer user experience to her viewers. She is willing to keep up with new design trends and learn new skills that would help keep her work more innovative. During her spare time, she loves to relax and listen to music, another world where she daydreams about her own little world of happiness.